Taiko – Test like a user, not like a programmer

I met one of the key contributors on Taiko in the Selenium Conf 2019, London. He just told me to try the tool once and when I did, it blew my mind away!

Its architecture is simple but powerful. It is mainly designed for keeping the end-user in mind.

From Taiko’s website –

Taiko is a free and open source browser automation tool built by the team behind Gauge by ThoughtWorks.

Writing tests are very simple in Taiko. Just write the automated tests on-the-goo. Using Taiko, we can write the test scripts without inspecting the source page code.

Example, to click a ‘Login’ button, just use –


With its in-built Implicit Wait Mechanism, Taiko can automatically wait for page loads and ajax calls.


  • Smart Selectors
  • Ability to handle XHR and dynamic content
  • Request/Response stubbing and mocking


1. Install NodeJS as a pre-requsite

2. Run –

npm install -g taiko

A simple example –

Test Script written in JavaScript Code

var browser = new webdriver.
                 withCapabilities({'browserName': 'chrome' }).


// Uses HTML locators, elements, form submissions etc.
browser.findElement(webdriver.By.name('q')).sendKeys('gauge test automation');

Test Script written in Taiko


// API for testing like a user
write(‘gauge test automation’)

It’s that simple.

Code Export:

Taiko has a feature of exporting the successful commands into a javascript file. Just run after scripting –



Taiko can be easily integrated with Mocha, Jest and Gauge.

Short Demo:


Taiko is an excellent tool for business testers and manual testers who has very less coding knowledge. It’s awesome and time saving too.


  1. https://taiko.gauge.org/
  2. https://gauge.org/2019/08/21/how-taiko-compares-to-other-browser-automation-tools/

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