BrowserStack and TestProject

Ever wondered how powerful a SaaS-based Test Automation Framework can be? 

TestProject is a unique tool that I have used and thought of sharing my experiences with it. It’s honestly a unique kind of testing tool available today in the market. It’s a community-driven tool developed for testers and with so many features that no other tools offer for free.

One such feature I experienced is the capability to integrate the BrowserStack seamlessly with the TestProject. 

The integration is straight forward with the Access Key generated from BrowserStack and just add the key in Cloud Execution part of the TestProject. 

Done! Easy-peasy!

Now, the test execution part. There are 3 ways we can execute the tests –

  1. Running in your local infrastructure lab using own Agents
  2. Running on BrowserStack Cloud using own Agents
  3. Running on BrowserStack Cloud using the Virtual Agent

It depends on how your organisation’s infrastructure is defined. I preferred the third way because this type of execution does not require an Agent which means that I can execute the tests even if there are NO agents available.

Finally, Reporting. I love the reporting here as it’s Real-Time. As a tester, I appreciate my tests to show the results instantly as I can decide whether I can continue executing my tests if there are any critical issues without waiting for the reports to get generated at the last. Of course, you have offline reports after execution as well with historical results.

Want to know more?

Check this link to see how easy it is to integrate BrowserStack and TestProject.

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