Selenium Box – Modern Selenium Grid for on-prem infrastructure

Have you ever wondered about having your own highly effective and easily maintainable Selenium Grid, that too within your workplace premises?

Then, Selenium Box is the best solution you should look for. Selenium Box provides a secure, maintenance-free, ultra-scalable Selenium test infrastructure for sophisticated enterprises. It has the capability to run all your selenium tests across different browsers and devices making your testing faster and network independent unlike other SaaS providers.

Do you belong to Banking or Insurance domain and scared about sharing your data externally?

Try Selenium Box!!!

Now let’s see about the devices support Selenium Box provides us –

Desktop Apps with support of multiple browsers and devices –

  1. Chrome
  2. Firefox
  3. Safari
  4. Edge
  5. IE

Selenium Box supports Appium protocol, hence the support for mobile devices are reliable on both Android and iOS.

Another awesome feature, which I personally appreciate is the execution of tests in parallel which makes the scalability more faster and self contained. No need to start or stop or maintain Hub and Nodes for test execution.

It supports Selenium scripts written in multiple languages. These can include Java, C#, JS, Python, Ruby and PHP. So, if you already have existing scripts, don’t worry about the integration. It’s simple and straightforward.

So, another important feature is the ability to integrate with CI/CD pipelines. Be it tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, GitLab, CircleCI etc., and they natively support Selenium Box.

Here are some of the coolest features which Selenium Box offers us –

  1. Completely on-premise infrastructure inbound to your own corporate firewall, especially if you are from banking or insurance domain
  2. Highly scalable which is future proof when number of tests increases 
  3. Debugging capability 
  4. Manual interaction with the browsers in real-time
  5. Recorded videos that shows the execution
  6. Effective Monitoring & Reporting

So, to conclude, Selenium Box is only one reliable tool that offers on-prem Selenium Grid infrastructure, less/free maintenance of the nodes & hubs and highly secured & ultra fast execution.


Official Website –

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