More Info: https://seleniumsummit21.agiletestingalliance.org/giridhar-rajkumar/ Slides: https://slides.com/grajk/seleniumsummit2021 Topic: Continuous Testing - Here is what you need to knowAbstract: Organisations across the globe have started adopting new and faster ways to deliver their products to the end-users. One of the fastest ways to boost their delivery is via enhanced & tools and frameworks they use in their SDLC (Software Development... Continue Reading →

Continuous Testing from DevOps Eye

DevOps is one of the best culture being adapted by many organisations these days to effectively deliver their product to the production in short span of time via delivery pipelines. In case if you are new to DevOps and want to get started, click here. A team can effectively achieve DevOps Pipeline culture by religiously... Continue Reading →

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