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#10. SpecFlow & BDD with Gáspár Nagy, the creator of SpecFlow Testing Paradise

This is our channel's 10 episode and thanks to everyone for supporting us. In this talk, Gáspár is sharing his view about Behaviour Driven Development as a BDD Coach. He also shares his knowledge of SpecFlow and its ecosystem. He also shared the importance of living documentation as well towards the end. About Gáspár Nagy: Gáspár is the creator of SpecFlow, regular conference speaker, blogger (http://gasparnagy.com), editor of the BDD Addict monthly newsletter (http://bddaddict.com), and co-author of the books "Discovery: Explore behaviour using examples" and "Formulation: Express examples using Given/When/Then" (http://bddbooks.com). He works as an independent coach, trainer and test automation expert focusing on helping teams implementing BDD and SpecFlow. He has more than 20 years of experience in enterprise software development as he worked as an architect and agile developer coach. He has been a training provider of the Agile Testing Fellowship since 2018. Among others, Gaspar has been developing a synchronization tool called SpecSync that integrates Gherkin-based scenarios to Azure DevOps (TFS.) Another tool he has been working on is a new open-source Visual Studio extension for SpecFlow called Deveroom (https://github.com/specsolutions/deveroom-visualstudio) You can contact Gaspar via his own company homepage (https://www.specsolutions.eu/) or you can follow him on Twitter (@gasparnagy) and on LinkedIn as well (Gáspár Nagy). Signup today to receive BDD Addict Newsletter – http://bddaddict.com
  1. #10. SpecFlow & BDD with Gáspár Nagy, the creator of SpecFlow
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