A letter to the year 2020!

Dear 2020,

Thank you for making my life to cross another wonderful year.

I am writing this last blog post for this year to rewind and see how my year was with you!

As a Blogger

Initially, I started the year with the goal of contributing more articles to my blog – https://learndevtestops.com. I published 35 articles across various testing tools and strategies to the blog.

I got opportunities to contribute to the blogs to various testing products in the market as well –

  1. XRay – https://www.getxray.app/blog/top-5-software-testing-trends-of-2020/
  2. TestProject – https://blog.testproject.io/author/vgrk-2017gmail-com/
  3. Applitools – https://applitools.com/blog/accessibility-testing-strategy/
  4. Blog Trunk – https://www.blogtrunk.com/test-automation-and-artificial-intelligence/

As an Author

I published a book on WebDriverIO v6 for anyone to kickstart with the framework. I published it in Google Books.

See here – https://play.google.com/store/books/details/Giridhar_Rajkumar_Get_started_with_WebDriverIO_v6?id=_WvuDwAAQBAJ

As an Instructor

Thanks to Angie Jones for giving me another opportunity this year to contribute to the testing community via my course in Test Automation University –

As a Speaker

This year was delightful for me when it comes to share my knowledge via virtual conferences and meetups. Below are some of the main conferences where I spoke about various testing tools and strategies.

  1. Ministry of Testing – Nottingham – https://www.meetup.com/ministry-of-testing-nottingham/events/jgthgrybcgbcb/
  2. London SDET Meetup sponsored by BrowserStack
  3. Future of Testing – Europe – https://applitools.com/future-of-testing-europe/
  4. ng-conf – https://pages.ng-conf.org/cypress-webinar/
  5. QA in London – https://www.meetup.com/QA-in-London/events/270386993/
  6. East Anglia Quality Assurance Meetup – https://www.meetup.com/East-Anglia-Quality-Assurance-Meetup/events/270449648/
  7. Botho University, Botswana – Article writing tips to the students
  8. QA Touch – https://www.qatouch.com/qa-masterclass/testing-with-devops/
  9. Cloud London Meetup – https://www.meetup.com/Cloud-London/events/271178947/
  10. Retarget Common Meetup
  11. WETESTERR Meetup
March 12, 2020

I extend my gratitude & thanks to everyone mentioned below for trusting me and gave an opportunity to talk in the above forums.

  1. Aparna Gopalakrishnan
  2. Dave Rutt – Ministry of Testing – Nottingham
  3. Sriram Angajala
  4. Moshe Milman – Applitools
  5. Magnolia Triplett – Cypress
  6. Sasikumar Ganesan
  7. Ryan Howard
  8. Sreekumar – Botho University, Africa
  9. Ankur Tyagi
  10. Amod Mahajan
  11. Ashley Palmer

I, in fact made my first YouTube video for TestProject’s Community. Thanks to Karen Teboulle & Meital Matsafi from TestProject.

As a Founder

Cypress.io UK Community

I met Marie Drake, just before the lockdown and we jointly co-founded the Cypress.io UK Community for Cypress enthusiasts to contribute their knowledge on Cypress to other fellow users in the industry.

The Testers Hub Portal

I developed a portal for the testing community to get to know the technologies, tools & frameworks that are available for software testing. The same is available as an android app as well.

The Testers Hub – https://thetestershub.info

As a Podcaster

I got inspired by many of the Software Testing Leaders and started a new podcast channel – The Testing Paradise via anchor.fm

Testing Paradise – https://anchor.fm/testing-paradise

I sincerely thank everyone mentioned below for making this podcast successful in 2020 –

  1. Sanjay Kumar – Inventor of ChroPath / SelectorsHub
  2. Kevin Dunne
  3. Michael Palotas – VP at SeleniumBox
  4. Rex Jones II – Test Automation Enthusiast, Author, Instructor
  5. Praveen Umanath – Director at BrowserStack
  6. Julia Pottinger – Test Automation Enthusiast, Author, Instructor
  7. Tristan Lombard
  8. Andy Knight – BDD Enthusiast, Author, Instructor
  9. Elise Carmichael – VP at Functionize
  10. Gáspár Nagy – Creator of SpecFlow

Finally, I would like to thank my wife, Vaishnavi Chakrapani and brother Ramprasad, for always being my side and help me achieve these milestones.

Once again, it all happened because of you, 2020. Thanks for making this year a memorable one.

Yours sincerely,

Giridhar Rajkumar

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