TTTribeCast Webinar: Cucumber – Make The Most

Topic: Cucumber: Make The Most More info: Description: Are you new to Cucumber or using it for a long time and looking to know about the best practices to implement Cucumber concepts? In this talk, Giridhar is going to share his experience of using Cucumber throughout his career. He will demo some of the best practices... Continue Reading →

The top 5 software testing trends of 2021

2020 challenged all of us. Remote work forced many companies to rethink their QA processes and the tools and methods they use for software testing. Consumers and customers continued to expect high-quality products, and software development teams needed to maintain their pace of delivery and even speed up in order to stay competitive. Read more... Continue Reading →


More Info: Slides: Topic: Continuous Testing - Here is what you need to knowAbstract: Organisations across the globe have started adopting new and faster ways to deliver their products to the end-users. One of the fastest ways to boost their delivery is via enhanced & tools and frameworks they use in their SDLC (Software Development... Continue Reading →

10 Wonders of Functional Testing – Let’s Explore Them All

Ever wondered whether you are aware of all types of functional testing exists in the testing industry? Let's see them in this article. Straight to the core! Types of Testing Unit TestingSmoke TestingSanity TestingComponent TestingIntegration TestingRegression TestingSystem TestingUser Acceptance TestingExploratory TestingSystem Integration Testing The Banking Application Before we get into the details on what does... Continue Reading →

Webinar – Botho University, Botswana

In this information age, the way we communicate our thought process matters a lot. We can communicate in many ways ethically, but writing is one of the proven methods that we use for centuries now. In this talk, Giridhar will share his thoughts on how to write an effective article that everyone loves to read. Additionally, the audience... Continue Reading →

Page Objects in Cypress – Easy Steps

In this article we are going to learn how to use Page Objects in Cypress. Let's get started, right away! Step 1: Create a node project and install Cypress. If you are new to Cypress, I suggest you to go through this article first and come here. npm install cypress --save-dev To generate default sample... Continue Reading →

London SDETs Meetup – 12 March 2020

Come an join me at the London SDETs Meetup event for Automation Testers, QAs, SDETs, Devops and Software Testers to come together and collaborate/network. I am speaking on the topic - WebDriverIO v5 on Cloud. In this talk, you will come to know what is WebDriverIO & it's new features, what is BrowserStack and it's... Continue Reading →

Continuous Testing from DevOps Eye

DevOps is one of the best culture being adapted by many organisations these days to effectively deliver their product to the production in short span of time via delivery pipelines. In case if you are new to DevOps and want to get started, click here. A team can effectively achieve DevOps Pipeline culture by religiously... Continue Reading →

BrowserStack and TestProject

Ever wondered how powerful a SaaS-based Test Automation Framework can be?  TestProject is a unique tool that I have used and thought of sharing my experiences with it. It’s honestly a unique kind of testing tool available today in the market. It’s a community-driven tool developed for testers and with so many features that no... Continue Reading →

Accessibility Testing – Starter Kit

In this article, Garima Jain has articulated very well about the importance of Accessibility Testing, how to get started and several types of tools to be used for various testing types. Hello! Accessibility Testing Today, in this digital world, smartphones and web applications have become an essential part of our lives. The amount of time... Continue Reading →

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